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CEP Men's Compression Neon Mid Cut Socks WP2CBG

CEP Men's Compression Neon Mid Cut Socks WP2CBG

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Trendy neon colors, discreet mid-cut length and soothing medi compression: The Neon Compression Mid Cut Socks combine unmatched comfort with a cool running look. Their stabilizing effect maximizes your training efficiency, while the innovative blend of materials, perfect fit and intelligent cushioning zones help prevent blisters.

Deep sensory stimulation for excellent support during ambitious workouts

The feet and ankles are literally the Achilles’ heel of runners: The gentle compression in the socks provides injury protection in this sensitive area. Deep sensory stimulation stabilizes your joints and reduces your risk of injury with a lasting effect.

Innovative high-tech fabric and wrap-around comfort with anti-blister effect

The Neon Compression Mid Cut Socks wrap around your foot like a second skin thanks to their elastic fabric. This reduces friction and prevents blisters. The breathable fabric wicks away moisture to keep your feet cool and comfortably dry. Anatomically positioned cushioning zones with reliable padding guarantee comfort.

Stylish look with bright neon colors

Functionality is a key factor, but design shouldn’t suffer because of it: Meet the Neon Compression Mid Cut Socks with a fashionable design. Neon colors are always in vogue with sportswear. Theses eye-catching socks show your style and make you stand out. Choose from a variety of bright neon colors.

Get your Neon Compression Mid Cut Socks now from CEP Sportswear and update your running style with functional fashion.

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