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Huub Brownlee Goggle 2 - Black/Black w/Dark Smoke Mirror

Huub Brownlee Goggle 2 - Black/Black w/Dark Smoke Mirror

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  • The Brownlee 2 swimming goggles by HUUB are designed to fit perfectly, so that you can benefit from a high level of comfort and a perfect fit during swim training. Because swimming goggles that pinch, fog up, or let in water are a success killer. By working closely during the development with triathlon stars Alistar and Jonny Brownlee, HUUB was able to design swimming goggles with high ergonomics for various face shapes, to meet the special requirements for an individually adjustable, hardly noticeable design and a clear peripheral 180-degree view during training and competition.

    Three interchangeable nose bridges and an easy adjustable head strap make for a comfort pair of goggles – a customised fit with perfect pressure distribution without the need for readjustment, so that the swimming goggles literally melt into your face. There are several different tints, adapted to different light conditions, such as open water swimming. The lenses are mirrored to reflect sunlight and thus protect the eyes from glare.

    • Customisable suction cup goggles
    • Intended use: swim training, triathlon
    • Anatomical fit so it feels perfectly comfortable
    • Flat frame profile for better hydrodynamics
    • Snug silicone seal
    • Distortion-free, peripheral 180° field of vision
    • Mirrored lenses reflect light
    • Anti-fog coating
    • Replaceable nose bridge for size adjustment
    • Exchangeable, split silicone headband
    • Strap length easily adjustable for a secure hold (ribbed strap)

    Available with three different lens tints:
    • Dark grey tinted (for very bright ambient light and sunshine)
    • Light grey tinted (natural perception of colours and contrasts, bright swimming pools and open water in daylight)
    • Yellow tinted (contrast enhancement for low light conditions or cloudy skies)

    Technical details:
    • Material: polycarbonate (frame, lens), silicone (seal, headband), TPR (outer frame)
    • Weight: approx. 37 g
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