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Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi First Race Jersey - Black ( 300-B )

Pearl Izumi First Race Jersey - Black ( 300-B )

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The Finer Details

A print jersey that incorporates fluorescence colors with sporty, sharp designs. Not only is it fun to wear, but it’s also fun to choose. It uses inks with fine reproducibility and excellent colors. From printing to cutting to sewing, the entire product is made in Japan. The reliable quality of “made in Japan” makes your cycling experience a more enjoyable one.


Material / Specification

  • UV cut Cuts UV rays, the cause of sunburn and fatigue. UPF 50+ is the maximum value.
  • Sweat-absorbing / fast-drying A material that absorbs and dries perspiration immediately.
  • Antibacterial and deodorizing A material that prevents bad smells.
  • Rising hem prevention A specification designed to prevent hems from rising by adding a silicon working on the inside of the hems.
  • Retroreflection A material that reflects light to increase visibility at night.
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