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Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi Men's Print Jersey - Pearl Blue ( 621-B-3 )

Pearl Izumi Men's Print Jersey - Pearl Blue ( 621-B-3 )

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Product Description

A print jersey with a basic color and silhouette and an accented print pattern. It is the first place to match various riding scenes with sweat absorption and quick drying and UV cut performance that are indispensable for summer riding.

    • 3 back pocket

Silicon processing of the hem that does not easily slip up

Material / Specifications

Cuts UV rays that cause sunburn and fatigue / UPF value is the highest value of 50+
Compared to the state where you do not wear anything on your skin, you should not get sunburned to the same level unless you are exposed to the sun for 50 times longer Is shown.
Material that absorbs sweat and dries instantly

Material that suppresses the generation of unpleasant odors
Specifications that prevent slipping up by applying silicon processing to the inside of the hem
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