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SKINS Men's Long Sleeve Tops 3-Series - Khaki

SKINS Men's Long Sleeve Tops 3-Series - Khaki

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The perfect pairing for the world’s best compression sportswear. Worn on its own or over the top of SKINS compression tops, SKINS SERIES-3 Long Sleeve Top features mesh panelling that mirrors the base compression garment’s design for improved airflow and moisture-wicking.


-Mesh panelling for improved breathability and movement 

-Silver reflective logos

-100% Polyester

-Manufactured in Madagascar 


-Racket Sports

-Track and Field

-Long and Short Runs

-Strength Training 



SKINS sizing can differ from your average sportswear, so it’s always best to check. By inputting your details above, we’ll be able to recommend a size to better suit you.

What to measure:
– Long Tights: height x weight
– Compression Tops: chest circumference at widest point
– Arm Sleeves: bicep circumference at thickest point
– Calf Tights: calf circumference at thickest point
– Sports Bras: chest circumference at widest point


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