Uglow Women's Road Vest Micro Mesh - Rose Quartz
Uglow Women's Road Vest Micro Mesh - Rose Quartz
Uglow Women's Road Vest Micro Mesh - Rose Quartz

Uglow Women's Road Vest Micro Mesh - Rose Quartz

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The Road Vest weighs in at just 45 grams in a size Medium, making this the
lightest vest or tank top we've ever made. Overlap bonded seams ensure a
zero-chafe feel and the Micro Rip-Stop Fabric is highly breathable and retains
minimal moisture. Our aim is to leave you with nothing to worry about apart
from running your fastest - we'll make sure to provide the comfort
The Road Vest isn't just a combination of our lightest and fastest, but it's also
made from 100% recycled polyester


– 100% Stitch-Free overalp bonding assembly
– Designed for road running and a close body fit to reduce
aerodynamic drag
– Pairs well with the Arm Sleeves if race day is in-between
- Soft and sensitive material ensuring the smoothest contact
with your skin while eliminating chafing
– Built-in reflective elements for visibility and security during
day and night
– Weight: 46 grams (size medium)


– Materials: 100% Recycled Polyester
– Hand wash: we recommend washing by hand or (if you need to) by machine wash
on a cold and delicate setting inside a laundry bag to prevent damage.
– Use cold water: hot water will weaken the bonding which allows our products to be
100% Stitch-Free. Water temperature should be set to no more than 30 degrees and
we recommend using a trusted laundry detergent, but no softeners.
– Hang dry: garments should be hung and dried in a well ventilated area out of direct
or harsh sunlight. Not suitable for machine or tumble dry.
– Do not iron: not recommended under any circumstance.
If you follow these guidelines your products will continue to perform for longer to the
level you and we expect.