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Xtep Women's 160X2.0 - Snow Purple/Pink/White

Xtep Women's 160X2.0 - Snow Purple/Pink/White

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160X 2.0

Professional Running Training
  • 1. Exterior MONO materials
    The exterior uses MONO materials, ensure both breathability and lightness.
  • 2. Techonology
    Dynamic Foam adopted Resilient nylon foam and stable rebound, the resilience is over 75%.
  • 3. Full-palm Carbon
    Based on the foundation of 160X, 160X 2.0 applied the full-palm carbon and upgraded the sports experience.
  • 4. Energy Return
    Elastic midsole delivers an incredible energy return.
  • 5. Wear-resistant Rubber
    Wear-resistance effect is 4.5 times better than regular rubbers, non-slip effect increases 35%.
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