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Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere Fastlane.A Clear Lens - Navy/Bright Yellow

Aqua Sphere Fastlane.A Clear Lens - Navy/Bright Yellow

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Introducing the Fastlane Goggle, the first low-profile micro gasket goggle for Aqua Sphere. The asymmetrical, anatomic lens design offers a natural watertight fit with integrated curved lenses for a wide field of vision in a low-profile goggle. The Fastlane has a patented Strap Management System offering quick hassle-free strap adjustments plus four nose bridge options ensuring a perfect fit. This is a perfect goggle for your everyday training needs with lens options to support any type of weather.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed in Italy with Aqua Sphere Technology 
  • Ultra-soft Silicone inner-eye gasket assures maximum comfort and a leak-resistant seal 
  • Adjustable Nose Bridge with 4 interchangeable size options provides a perfect fit 
  • Curved lens geometry provides an expanded field of vision allowing the swimmer to sight walls and their competition without altering their head or compromising their stroke position 
  • Silicone straps 
  • UV Protection 
  • FINA approved 



  • Increased contrast
  • Reduced glare

Conditions: indoor, low light, cloudy, misty & foggy

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