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Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere Fastlane.A - White/Yellow:Yellow Titanium Mirrored

Aqua Sphere Fastlane.A - White/Yellow:Yellow Titanium Mirrored

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The Fastlane goggle has an asymmetrical, anatomtical design, and when paired with the soft silicone skirt offers a natural, comfortable, watertight fit. The patented Strap Management System offers quick hassle-free strap adjustments plus four nose bridge options ensuring a perfect fi t. This is a perfect goggle for your everyday training needs.
Item No. EP2940406LMR
• Maximum Light Protection • Boosts Color Contrast • Infra red cut Condition: outdoor, sunny

• Curved lens: for an expanded field of vision.

• Adjustable nose bridge: 4 interchangeable size options for a perfect fit.

• Silicone innereye gasket: allows a leak resistant seal.

• Silicone straps

• Antiscratch

• Hypoallergenic


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