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BAHE Soft Touch Reversible XL (183x61cm) 6mm - Cinnamon

BAHE Soft Touch Reversible XL (183x61cm) 6mm - Cinnamon

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The BAHE Soft Touch Reversible XL 6mm mat is an excellent choice for those lucky enough to be taller than average who wants a cushioned and luxurious mat. The mat is made of premium TPE and is best suited to a slower paced practice such as restorative or yin.


- Dual colour reversible
- Great cushioning, soft touch
- Maximum comfort
- Alignment marks
- Extra long - 10cm longer
- Free of PVC & silicone
- Carry sling included



- We recommend use with bare foot or studio socks on.
- Clean the mat gently with a damp cloth. Avoid harshy chemicals or abrasives as they can damage the mat surface.
- Avoid heavy pressure when storing as mat it could a lasting mark.
- Allow to air dry in the shade before storing.
- Aways roll your mat to store.
- Avoid direct sunlight.

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