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CEP Men's Reflective Mid Cut Socks - Black

CEP Men's Reflective Mid Cut Socks - Black

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In short: Enjoy the feeling of short running socks with the Reflective Compression Mid Cut Socks by CEP Sportswear and don’t make any compromises when it comes to advanced features. SMART REFLECTIVE technology increases your safety when you run in the dark while the compression effect stabilises your feet and gives you more energy. And their high-quality design keeps you blister free no matter how long your route.

Better visibility thanks to innovative reflective design

The Reflective Compression Mid Cut Socks for men give you added safety when you run in the dark thanks to stripes of reflective yarn that guarantee all-round visibility in any situation. But that’s not all. These running socks also have a modern and dynamic look.

Fabric and fit for fewer blisters

You get blisters on your feet when your socks chafe your skin on long outings. The Reflective Compression Mid Cut Socks prevent this through the combination of a versatile, breathable fabric and a close fit. Together they help prevent friction, which reduces the risk of getting blisters.

Greater stability and reduced risk of injury

The compression effect of these running socks for men gives you more energy and your legs feel noticeably lighter. But that’s not all: The compression also stimulates your ankles with a deep sensory effect, which increases their stability. In turn, this reduces your risk of injury – and prevents unwanted breaks in training so that you can reach your goals faster.

Turn night into day and take advantage of the added safety you get when you train with the innovative Reflective Compression Mid Cut Socks!

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