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CEP Men's Ultralight PRO Calf Sleeves - Black/Light Grey

CEP Men's Ultralight PRO Calf Sleeves - Black/Light Grey

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The Ultralight Pro Compression Calf Sleeves are made in Germany and have a high-quality carbon print on the shin. Together with the integrated carbon fibers, this increases the durability of the super thin and lightweight fabric. Wear the Pro Calf Sleeves and activate your full power even on hot summer days.

Pro Calf Sleeves with carbon print – ideal for trail running

Made of an extremely thin, lightweight and breathable blend of materials, the Ultralight Pro Compression Calf Sleeves offer you support for intense summer runs. The carbon surface on the shin protects you from twigs and shrubs when you run trails.

For maximum power and lightness

The ultra-light fabric has a perfect fit, doesn’t slip and is very comfortable. Wear these calf sleeves when you run to reduce muscle vibrations that steal your energy and activate your muscles for maximum performance.

Product description

Improved supply of nutrients for enhanced performance and faster recovery

The targeted use of more medi compression increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to your calf muscles. You benefit from more power on your summer runs and the accelerated lactate removal speeds up your recovery. The gentle compression stimulates your calf muscles with a deep sensory effect for optimum stabilization. These calf sleeves are ideal for ambitious trail runners, triathletes, track & field athletes and other endurance athletes.

Wear the Ultralight Pro Compression Calf Sleeves when you train and compete in summer, enjoy a feel-good effect and beat your personal best. Select the color and size and order yours now online!


Suitable for:

Athletes, Endurance Athletes, Trail-Runner

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