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CEP Men's Ultralight PRO Socks - Black/Light Grey

CEP Men's Ultralight PRO Socks - Black/Light Grey

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Product description

The Ultralight Pro Compression Socks are made in Germany using premium materials for unmatched wearing comfort in close-fitting running shoes. The use of carbon and targeted compression activates your full power.

The carbon surface on the shin offers protection and increases durability

The Ultralight Pro Compression Socks have an integrated carbon print on the front. This protects your shins from twigs and shrubs on trail runs and increases the durability of the socks.

Proven blend of materials with integrated carbon fibers

These breathable socks made of super thin and lightweight materials offer you perfect support on long runs. The integrated carbon fibers increase their durability and elasticity.

With Smart Grip coating

Highly flexible and ultra-thin dots on the bottom of the socks guarantee a perfect stay-put fit in close-fitting sports shoes. They give you full control without slipping, even on the most challenging runs in difficult terrain.

Minimally padded foot section and improved fit

Padding in the foot section provides unmatched wearing comfort and excellent support for your feet. The asymmetric toe box gives these summer socks an even better fit. Your legs stay fresh and light longer.

More power for long-distance runs

The targeted use of even more medi compression activates your full power. Compression optimizes the supply of nutrients to your muscles and accelerates the removal of lactates. You recover faster after competition and are ready quicker for the next training session.

These summer socks are ideal for the high demands of trail runners. They also have a lot to offer ambitious endurance athletes and track & field athletes who run in close-fitting sports shoes. Order the Ultralight Pro Compression Socks in your favorite color and size now online!


Suitable for:

Endurance Athletes, Runner, Trail-Runner

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