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Compressport Unisex Free Belt Mini - Black

Compressport Unisex Free Belt Mini - Black

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Coming in hot to complete our Free Belt family, the Free Belt Mini is designed first and foremost to answer one of the most frequent questions trail runners face: where do I stow my poles? With its reduced height and optimised pole loops, this ergonomic, comfortable belt is ideal if you are looking for a practical, lightweight solution. Sitting lower than larger belts, it is designed to avoid any compression on the stomach area over longer distances. The newly-designed, elasticated pole holders - two large diagonal loops with no-slip silicone doubling, and two smaller ones to stabilise - hold your retractable poles securely in place and ensure they remain within easy reach when the trail gets rough. As the hours wear on and the body gets weary, simply pull out your poles in one quick movement, no contortion or arm-waving required. The Freebelt Mini is made from the same breathable mesh fabric as its larger cousins, with seamless, ultra-soft microfiber that is guaranteed chafe and bounce-free. Furthermore, the inside of the belt is padded in three key locations to protect against rubbing due to pole pressure. Last but not least, 360-degree easily-accessible storage allows you to slide house keys or a couple of energy gels in there too. Perfect if you're heading out for a quick session in the evening or combined with a pack on shorter trail runs. Height : 8cm


Key benefits

Designed first and foremost to securely and easily stow your poles during mountain training and racing

Ergonomic design and convenient tabs that make stowing and retrieving your poles child's play. No contortion required.

Zero-bounce, no matter how rough the trail: pro-tested and approved!

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