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Compressport Unisex's Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Run High - Mood Indigo/Magenta

Compressport Unisex's Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Run High - Mood Indigo/Magenta

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Performance evolves. And so do running socks. For the brand new generation of our bestselling Pro Racing Socks Run, we asked Compressport runners to tell us exactly what they liked, needed and wanted. The result is a running sock designed specifically to offer optimal aeration and blister-protection as you stride towards your next PB. The technical weave is lightweight and ventilated, quickly wicking away moisture so your feet remain fresh and dry, even in warmer conditions. A brand new, wider toe box offers a more ergonomic fit and improved proprioception, allowing the toes to grip intuitively on landing for a natural, fluid stride. A light knit around the ankle offers targeted support when you pick up the pace, while terry cloth padding on the big toe saves you from blackened nails on longer runs. The medium arch support boosts micro circulation and prevents the fabric from twisting and folding, saving you from painful blisters and irritation. Over the Achilles tendon, two lines of 3D.Dots add protection and support. They surround a row of brand new Flat.Dots for added ventilation. Underfoot, a pattern of 3D.Dots (75%) and Flat.Dots (25%) cushions impact and offers added grip and ventilation as well as a light micro stimulation, which helps increase venous return and delay fatigue as the miles build up.The height is lower than the trail and bike models, with a fit and technologies that are specifically designed for the demands of road running. An ergonomic tab at the back adds a touch of comfort and style and, should you forget which activity you’re heading out the door for, the discipline is discreetly embroidered on the inside. The elegant design of this high-tech sock is true to our performance DNA, so all that is left for you to do is to hit the road with speed, comfort and class.

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