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Compressport Unisex's Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Ultralight Run Low - Black/Safe Yellow/Neo Pink

Compressport Unisex's Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Ultralight Run Low - Black/Safe Yellow/Neo Pink

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Is the tarmac burning up and the sun beating down? Developed alongside our fastest athletes, the thermoregulating properties of the 4th generation Pro Racing Socks Ultralight Run Low have your back. Or rather, your feet. The featherlight, technical mesh is designed to fit like a second skin, with exceptional ventilation to wick away weat and keep your feet fresh and dry, even in steamy conditions. The reviewed, wider toe box offers an ergonomic fit and improved proprioception, allowing the toes to expand intuitively on landing for a natural, fluid stride. A special knit around the ankle, lighter than the standard running sock, offers gentle support as the tempo builds. Our characteristic arch support prevents the fabric from twisting and irritating in the heat, while a terry cloth reinforcement around the big toe saves you from blackened nails as the distance builds. The special 3D.Dots and Flat.Dots technologies of this ultralight model save on volume and weight but still provide high performance benefits. Six targeted dots offer added protection over the base of the Achilles tendon. Underfoot, a smart pattern – 50% 3D.Dots, 50% Mesh.Dots – not only cushions impact, it also provides added grip in the shoe, boosts venous return through gentle micro stimulation and encourages airflow between the dots for extra ventilation. The anatomic fit and technologies are specifically developed for the rigours of road running, while the low cut and mesh fabric leave no place for overheating. The ergonomic tab at the rear adds comfort and style and, should you ever forget you’re heading out for a run, the discipline is discreetly embroidered on the inside. Slide your feet into these ultra-light, ultra-low socks and take on the Great Wall or Kauai marathons without a moment’s hesitation.


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