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Compressport Unisex's Running Visor White - CU00054B_004_0TU

Compressport Unisex's Running Visor White - CU00054B_004_0TU

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There is so much Compressport history in this oh-so-classic visor! It may be original but that doesn't mean it's past it, and you can bet on spotting it at multisport events, on courts and fields, or simply up the mountain when the sun is out. And to keep things trendy, here comes a fresh new design and a range of classy colours to keep your head cool on those hot summer days. The visor's long-term success lies in its simplicity and comfort: the curved peak offers optimal sun protection while the wide, no-rub band fits snugly round your head and prevents the visor from moving. The sizing can be adjusted thanks to the convenient velcro closure at the back. As with all our headwear, the visor is designed for sportspeople first and foremost: it features fast-drying, anti-bacterial toweling fabric on the inside of the peak to absorb perspiration, ensuring optimal, pressure-free comfort during effort. Pull on this slightly retro but extremely versatile visor to keep your eyes clear of sweat and unruly hair during all your sporting activities.

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