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Compressport Visor Ultralight Camo Burgundy - Camo Neon

Compressport Visor Ultralight Camo Burgundy - Camo Neon

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Race-oriented, flagship camo visor with mesh band for optimal ventilation during high intensity efforts

The Ultralight Visor has become one of our most successful products across the globe, very close behind our compression sleeves on total number of international podiums. No matter which triathlon or trail race you head to, you are sure to count a few! A lightweight, curved peak offers optimal sun protection and does not retain water if hot race conditions require a little head dousing. Fast-drying, anti-bacterial toweling fabric on the inside of the peak is very soft and absorbs perspiration for supreme comfort without pressure. Finally, the wide mesh band is elasticated for a snug, adjusted fit, promising the visor won't fly off if the wind picks up. Sporting a novel camo and design, this fashionable triathlon and running visor is a must-have addition to your headgear collection, to keep you racing cool and fast towards your goals.

Ultra-light, ventilated and fast-drying mesh fabric which quickly wicks away sweat and moisture to keep your forehead cool during intense sports activities
Articulated visor which can be lowered for increased sun protection, or raised to widen field of vision
Comfortable and ergonomic fit thanks to an adjusted, wide band which doesn't fly off during activity
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