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BAHE Power Hold (173x61cm) 4mm - Anthracite

BAHE Power Hold (173x61cm) 4mm - Anthracite

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The BAHE Power Hold 4mm mat is designed as a high-performance mat with excellent grip, durability, firmness, and density for additional stability in challenging balances. The sweatier you get in class the gripper this mat will get.


- Outstanding grip
- Excellent support
- Extremely durable
- Lays flat
- The more you sweat, the better the grip
- Easy to clean
- Carry sling included



- We recommend use with bare foot or studio socks on.
- Clean the mat gently with a damp cloth. Avoid harshy chemicals or abrasives as they can damage the mat surface.
- Avoid heavy pressure and sharp objects when storing or using the mat it could leave a lasting mark.
- Allow to air dry in the shade before storing.
- Aways roll your mat to store.
- Avoid direct sunlight.

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