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Huub Aphotic Swim Goggle - Orange Polarised & Mirror

Huub Aphotic Swim Goggle - Orange Polarised & Mirror

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  • Possibly the most important piece of equipment come race day is your swim goggles. A piece of equipment so many of us take for granted, yet without them, all of our preparation and training is wasted. It's time to take your goggles seriously, and really understand what is needed on race day.


    • Cuts through water reflected light, increasing visibility and sighting in open water.
    • Reduces glare, especially on early morning swim starts and low sun swims.

    Designed to fit the face perfectly with a density of silicon and TPR matched to create a perfect fit and a feather like feel even on the most interesting of facial profiles.

    For a great swim you need a comfortable fit and the ability to see as much as possible while having as much light as possible blocked out when the sun is high or water reflection is optimal.

    Supplied in a clam shell zip goggle case.

    Lens material: PC
    Gasket material: Silicone
    Strap material: Silicone
    Side button: PC
    Outer Frame: TPR
    Inner Frame: PC

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