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Huub Men's Agilis Swimskin - Black/Silver

Huub Men's Agilis Swimskin - Black/Silver

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You can have a swimskin, or you can swim faster in a HUUB researched and scientifically developed piece of swim engineering…

The Agilis Swimskin will increase your performance in a non-wetsuit swim, developed with the best athletes and hydrodynamic equipment available, our exclusive 17 force plate M.A.D™ (Measurement of Active Drag) system.

We added high compression, especially around the core. We applied a selection of fabrics, which are hydrophobic in nature, that perform by being ‘tight’ in the right places. This has the effect of shifting the centre of buoyancy. If you’re doing that, as well as lowering surface drag and decreasing the cross-section of your body, you swim faster.  By doing this we can reduce wasted energy and improve stroke efficiency to the tune of up to 4.5 seconds per 100m. Like a wetsuit, the gains are more significant the less elite you are. Yes, the elites will gain significant time per 100m, but middle-of-the-pack swimmers will enjoy even greater time savings.

We worked with Alistair Brownlee through the development phase to meet his needs for the IRONMAN World Championships.

Specially selected hydrophobic fabrics are used to offer a unique buoyancy aid through compression, and a quick out zipper provides a fast transition.

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