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Huub Men's Eternal Aero LC Trisuit - Black

Huub Men's Eternal Aero LC Trisuit - Black

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The Eternal Aero Tri Suit from HUUB delivers a premium fit, while mesh panelling enhances airflow to disperse heat and keep your temperature regulated when performing.

The Eternal search for for performance and comfort inspired this Tri Suit to help you achieve your goals, resulting in a suit with high standards and close attention to detail. Featuring the latest technologies combined with market-leading suit design, including aero benefits derived from ribbed sleeves to disturb the boundary layer, enhancing your speed and performance when racing.

The chamois pad has been developed over years and provides cushioning where needed whilst in the TT position, yet is still minimal so that you are not encumbered when running. The suit has a performance fit which adds to the aerodynamic qualities, with printed silicone grippers keeping the tri suit in place on the legs and folded cuffs on the sleeve providing a comfortable fit. It also features aerodynamic rear-side access pockets large enough to contain nutrition and race essentials.

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