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Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi Slip-on Gloves - Graphite ( 22-9 )

Pearl Izumi Slip-on Gloves - Graphite ( 22-9 )

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Product Description

Uses "Nanofront ®", a material that is soft and fits well in the palm of your hand. It is a glove that can directly grasp the road surface condition with a feeling close to bare hands. A slip-on model that prioritizes fit without velcro on the wrist with a three-dimensional design dedicated to bicycles with easy-to-grip handles.

  • Slip-on type that fits softly on the wrist
  • Uses "Nanofront ®", a special non-slip material that is soft and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • With a micro fleece for wiping sweat on the thumb
  • Palm pad thickness: thin
* "Nanofront ®" is a polyester nanofiber developed by Teijin Limited.

Seamless finger crotch that does not loosen the seams when gripping the handle

Thimble adoption model that is easy to remove

Material / Specifications

Cuts UV rays that cause sunburn and fatigue / UPF value is the highest value of 50+
Compared to the state where you do not wear anything on your skin, you should not get sunburned to the same level unless you are exposed to the sun for 50 times longer Is shown.
Material that absorbs sweat and dries instantly

TriD / Super three-dimensional structure that makes it easy to grip the handle
A material that reflects light that enhances visibility at night


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