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Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi Women's Cold Shade UV Pants - Black

Pearl Izumi Women's Cold Shade UV Pants - Black

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The Finer Details

"The product uses a UV cutting material called “Cold Shade,” which shuts out sunlight to prevent the temperature inside the jersey from rising. It is comfortable to wear, and it has excellent stretch and sweat-absorbing, fast-drying properties. The front part of this wide-type waist does not include an elastic band, alleviating pressure on the stomach and making it more comfortable to maintain a forward leaning posture while riding your road bike. It is equipped with the “3D Neo Plus for Ladies” pad, which eases the pain typical to women on the front and around the leg joints. The hems are also lined with Russel Tape, which fits comfortably against your skin and prevents the pants from slipping up. "

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