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PowerBar Fuel Gel 30 50ml - Lemon with Caffeine

PowerBar Fuel Gel 30 50ml - Lemon with Caffeine

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  • Contains carbohydrates: 30 g carbohydrates per serving 
  • Carbohydrate ratio of 1:0.8 of glucose and fructose sources 
  • Developed for use during moderate to intense exercise 
  • Easy to use in the Powerbar carbohydrate system with other Black Line products; e.g. with a required amount of 90g carbohydrates: 1 Fuel Gel 30 Lemon + 1 Fuel Drink 30 Lemon + 1 Fuel Gel 30 Lemon+Caffeine

All Powerbar Black Line products are also listed on the Cologne List® and have been tested and certified by Informed Sport (LGC) for banned substances. As a result, we can offer athletes even more safety and trust.
LGC Zertifikat
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