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Trigger Point

Trigger Point The Grid 1.0 Foam Roller - Rainbow

Trigger Point The Grid 1.0 Foam Roller - Rainbow

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Product description:
33 cm long x 14 in diamater
Weight: 0,65 kg

✓ Unique design with different density zones ensures more targeted massages
✓ Easy to carry due to compact and firm design
✓ Supports up to 225 kg of static weight 

Foam rolling is relatively new and is becoming increasingly popular. It is a method of massage that can be applied yourself. By applying pressure on a foam roller, trigger points (stiff muscles and knots) are eliminated. Foam rolling improves blood flow to muscles, body posture and therefore performance. While moving the Foam Roller the Grid the intensity can be adjusted to each level thanks to the revolutionary design. The Foam Roller the Grid has a lower intensity level than the Quadballer and is used in general for core workouts.

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